Forex Broker IC Markets launches Stock CFDs on MetaTrader 5

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Following the introduction of the multi-asset metaTrader platform 5 a few months ago, the Retail FX broker International Capital Markets limited (regulated by the ASIC) has begun the Stock CFD trading for their clients. This is in line with several other product inclusions that have been incorporated over the past few months. The add-ons include Bonds and Cryptocurrencies.

Considering the popularity and the size of the stocks, the company affirmed that it made a careful selection across NYSE, ASX and the Nasdaq stock exchanges. It is yet to launch the Stock CFD on the other different exchanges in the world. The design of the pricing and overall execution motivates the day traders to consider the IC markets products over the conventional stocks.

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The fact that IC markets stock products are now traded as CFDs makes it easy for traders to analyze and make informed speculations on the stock prices without necessarily borrowing or being in possession of the underlying assets. With this, the day traders can opt in and out of the market with the lowest cost possible. This, ideally is what the day traders want. Based on whether the traders are long or short, they can pay or earn dividends. Moreover, attractive margin rates have been set so as to reduce the level of capital outlay for the traders.

In his speech, the IC Markets director (Angus Walker) said that the introduction of the Stock CFDs to the markets is a significant step towards setting up “a true multi-asset brokerage.” With a view of zipping the gap between retail and institutional traders, the director said that the company will continue to bring in the most popular and liquid markets across the world. This is to create an ample and aggressive environment with trading conditions that ensure maximum satisfaction for the traders across the globe.